Legal Templates for Everyday Australians

If you’re an Australian adult this legal guide is for you.

Everyone, at some stage in their life, needs some legal help. And usually that legal help is required at significant stages of your life. For example, getting married, having children, buying property or starting a business, inheriting assets, separating and divorcing, etc.

Legal issues everyday Australians should manage

The range of legal issues faced by normal Australians is not large or overly complex. But they are easily put off or ignored altogether. They include:

  • Having a Will and keeping it up-to-date as your circumstances change
  • Looking after any property investments you have in a professional manner
  • Documenting any loans you make to family members or friends
  • Giving your Power of Attorney to a trusted friend or family member
  • Agreeing the financial split of assets if you separate from your partner and divorce

How to be prepared for these legal issues

Here at Legal123 we’ve put together a set of legal templates that you can use to get on top of these issues (and be as proactive as possible). The templates for everyday Australians include:

Will Kit – Every Australian adult should have a Will and keep it up-to-date. This simple, legally-recognised document lets your family and friends know how you want your possessions and assets to be distributed after your death.

Australian Will Kit »

Codicil – Once you have written your Will, you might also need a Codicil. This very simple legal document allows you to make minor changes or additions to your Will, without having to re-write it.

Codicil Form »

Holiday Rental Agreement – If you own a Holiday Rental property then it’s important to manage it professionally and protect its value. The Legal123 Holiday Rental package includes everything you’ll need.

Holiday Rental Agreement »

Confidentiality Agreement – Keeping your personal, financial and health information private is important. Whenever discussing important private information with financial advisors, health professionals, etc. make sure they’re bound by a Confidentiality Agreement.

Confidentiality Agreement »

Power of Attorney Form – A very useful document. It authorises someone else to act on your behalf. For example, you can have financial documents signed while you’re travelling or have a share portfolio managed by a professional on your behalf.

Power of Attorney Form »