About Legal123

Legal123 Has Helped 10,200+ Australian Businesses Since 2009

Legal123 is Australia’s first 100% online law firm, established in 2009. We specialize in providing legal services to online businesses, from startups to ecommerce stores and traditional companies transitioning to the online space.

Our Services

Legal123 offers both online legal templates and custom legal work. Our online legal templates are designed for a range of typical situations. We also provide custom legal services for clients with non-standard requirements or who need legal advice.

Our Team

We are a team of experienced, qualified Australian lawyers. When you search online for legal help, you can trust that we are an actual law firm and not just a “legal publisher”. Plus, we are based in Australia.

Our Commitment

We are passionate about making legal services easy to use and easy to understand. We avoid using complicated legal jargon and provide free Legal Guides to help you. If you have any questions, you can always email or telephone us.

Our Credentials

Legal123 Pty Ltd is an Incorporated Legal Practice (ILP). We are registered with ASIC and regulated by the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner (a division of the NSW Attorney General & Justice Department) and The Law Society (NSW). Vanessa Emilio is the Legal Practice Director and founder of Legal123. Vanessa is a qualified Australian lawyer with over 20 years of experience and is a specialist in online businesses and Australian online law.

We would like to be YOUR lawyers

At Legal123, we understand the unique legal challenges that online businesses face. We are committed to delivering value-for-money legal services in the most convenient way. With 130+ years of legal experience combined, our team of qualified Australian lawyers is here to help you navigate the complexities of the law and protect your business.

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The Legal123 Team

image of vanessa emilio, ceo and founder of legal123

Vanessa Emilio

Legal Practice Director
& Founder
(26 years experience)

image of andrew hawking, lawyer with legal123

Andrew Hawking

Australian Lawyer
Specialist in Commercial Law
(26 years experience)

image of david evans, lawyer with legal123

David Evans

Australian Lawyer
Specialist in Wills & Estates
(10 years experience)

image of morris averill, lawyer with legal123

Morris Averill

Australian Lawyer
Specialist in Commercial Law
(29 years experience)

image of james ng, lawyer with legal123

James Ng

Australian Lawyer
Specialist in Commercial Law
(22 years experience)

image of georgette apostolopoulos, lawyer with legal123

Georgette Apostolopoulos

Australian Lawyer
Specialist in IP Law
(14 years experience)

image of jeremy climie, lawyer with legal123

Jeremy Climie

Australian Lawyer
Specialist in Commercial Law
(11 years experience)

image of cece abell, social media marketer with legal123

Cece Abell

Specialist in Social Media

image of sebastian talavera, marketing specialist with legal123

Sebastian Talavera

Specialist in AdWords

image of csaba gyulai, infographic specialist with legal123

Csaba Gyulai

Specialist in Infographics

image of paul kerin, webmaster and wordpress specialist with legal123

Paul Kerin

Specialist in Wordpress

image of barry taylor, co-founder of legal123

Barry Taylor