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copywriting legal package

You need a Copywriting Agreement with your clients

This is the most important document you need as a Copywriter, Content Writer or Freelance Writer. It should detail the writing services you are providing and be signed by them. A well-written Copywriting Agreement will provide you with legal protection and show your client you are a professional operator.

The package also includes ‘Proposal and Quote Terms’ that you should copy/paste into your proposal and quote emails. These ensure your proposals and quotes reference your Copywriting Agreement terms.

“Must have” legal notices for your Copywriting website

  • Privacy Policy – To explain how you use, store and update customer and visitor personal information.
  • Website Disclaimer – To limit your liability from the information you publish and to protect your Copyright.
  • Terms & Conditions – To state the terms under which you do business and clarify service expectations with potential clients. Australian Consumer Law requires this for all your customers.
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Quick and easy online forms

Just input some basic information into each online form, and your customised legal agreements and notices are automatically generated.

The Copywriting Agreement comes in PDF, Word and Google Docs formats. The Proposal and Quote Terms are in text format. The Copywriting Website Legals are in text format that you just copy and paste into your website and make any changes to match your business model.

Free updates so you don’t worry about legislation changes

Australian Consumer and Privacy law is constantly changing, particularly with regard to the Internet and online businesses. We’re Australian lawyers, and we make it our business to keep on top of these changes. We don’t overwhelm you with emails, but when the law changes and any of the standard online templates are updated, we let you know so you never have to worry.

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online video instructions

Online video instructions and telephone support

Online video instructions are included with each form. We step you through filling out each online form and explain important clauses as we go. But the forms are not complicated, and the instruction videos are short.

And you can always call us if you have any questions.

Is the copywriting legal package right for me?

I want to retain full ownership of my writing …
The default version of the Copywriting Agreement gives ownership of the written content to your client once payment has been made. However, we have included editable versions of the Copywriting Agreement (in Word and Google Docs formats) so you can change this yourself.

I want to subcontract work to a third party …
The Copywriting Agreement stipulates you will be the sole author of any written work. However, it also adds that you can subcontract work if you have your client’s permission.

My writing is really just a hobby …
If you receive any compensation for your writing, you should have a written agreement with your client. This ensures clarity over ownership of the work and limits any personal liability that may arise.

I want my logo on the agreements …
No problem. The Copywriting Agreement comes in Word and Google Docs formats and is fully editable, so you can attach your logo and personalise your agreements.

The package includes

  • Copywriting Agreement – A standard Agreement that sets out your business terms. Includes:
    • Ownership of all content and copy produced
    • Number of revisions allowed and timing
    • Confidentiality of information received from your client
    • Payment, cancellation and refunds
    • Limitation of liability and indemnity
    • Governing law
  • Proposal and Quote Terms – Attach these to your proposal and quote emails. Includes: variations after the quote is agreed upon are subject to additional fees and the length of time the quote is valid.
  • Copywriting Website Legals:
    • Website Privacy Policy – To explain how you use, store and update customer and visitor personal information.
    • Website Disclaimer – To limit your liability from the information you publish and protect your Copyright.
    • Website Terms & Conditions – To state your terms for website visitors and users, including Limitation of Liability and Australian Consumer Law terms for online sales.
    • Licensed for use on 1 website only.
  • Updates – Customers are notified when there is a major change to the legislation, and our standard online templates are updated.

money back guaranteeWe offer a full money back guarantee if our templates are not suitable for your circumstances or a technical difficulty prevents you from using them. If you have questions about buying online, check out How it Works and FAQs.

Copywriting Legal Package

Custom Legal Service for Copywriters

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