Free Will Kits: Are Free Will Kits Really Free?

image of free will kit

Last updated: Are Free Will Kits Really Free? – Free Will kits provide a simple and affordable way for people to write their Wills without paying high legal fees upfront. These kits, available online or through banks and public trustee services, make estate planning easier. However, it’s important to be aware of possible hidden costs … Read more

What Workplace Policies Do I Need For My Business?

image of workplace policies in australia

Last updated: What Workplace Policies Do I Need For My Business? – As your business grows, what used to be common sense might need to be formalised in a Workplace Policy statement. These let your employees know what is expected from them in the workplace and ensure everyone is “on the same page” and treated … Read more

Confidentiality Clause vs Confidentiality Agreement

confidentiality clause vs confidentiality agreement

Last updated: At Legal123, we’ve partnered with thousands of business professionals on their agreements. A frequent question arises as to whether a mere Confidentiality Clause within an agreement is adequate or whether a full-fledged Confidentiality Agreement is required. Understanding the difference between a Confidentiality Clause and a Confidentiality Agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA) can be … Read more

What Is a EULA? (End User Licence Agreement)

eula end user licence agreement

Last updated: Are you looking to protect your mobile app and ensure your intellectual property rights remain secure? Then it’s crucial you have an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) in place. In this legal guide, we answer ALL your questions about EULAs and software licensing. Find out: So, if you’re ready to learn more about … Read more

What Legals Do I Need for My Ecommerce Business? [Infographic]

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Last updated: “What legals do I need for my ecommerce business?” is THE most frequently asked question we get here at Legal123. So to help answer this question we’ve crafted this simple checklist. Just match the type of ecommerce business you run. Use this Infographic on your website You are welcome to share this Infographic … Read more

What Happens to My Business When I Die? [+ 5 Step Plan]

what happens to my business if i die

Last updated: What Happens to My Business When I Die? – When you’ve worked hard throughout your life to build a successful business, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the business will provide for your loved ones after your death? Depending on the nature of your business and the legal structures you have in … Read more

Am I Accidentally Sending Spam Emails?

are you accidentally sending spam

Last updated: Today, I received a spam email – unsolicited and promoting a service. But the footer of that email stated, “This email is not spam” and then the sender spent the next paragraph explaining why his email was NOT spam. Heavens! Factually wrong. Presumptuous, if not rude, too. I hope you’re not making the … Read more

Can Terms and Conditions Be Worldwide or Global?

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Last updated: More and more online businesses are marketing to overseas customers. An online business gives you access to a larger potential customer base, which is an easy and low-cost way to sell more goods and services. So what do businesses do about Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) for their customers in other countries? Can they … Read more

Insurance for Online Business: Do I Really Need It?

insurance for your website business

Last updated: Do you need insurance for your online business? It’s a good question. The short answer is “No”. But you do need legal protection. If you had a physical ‘bricks and mortar’ shop, you would have insurance to protect the goods you are selling against theft, fire and damage, among other things. You would … Read more

Do I Need a Permit to Run a Competition or Contest?

running competitions or contests

Last updated: Competitions and contests are a great way to boost sales, reward your loyal customers and hype your business. But before you decide whether to run a competition or contest, you need to understand the legal restrictions. Contests in Australia are divided into ‘games of chance’ and ‘games of skill’. A ‘game of chance’ … Read more

What Is the Law On Gift Cards and Vouchers?

selling gift cards

Last updated: Do you sell or offer gift cards, vouchers or certificates on your website or through your business? It’s a growing market, particularly for online businesses. But you may be surprised to know that if you don’t meet the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) exemptions, you might need a financial services license to … Read more

Is It Illegal to Not Offer a Refund?

to refund or not

Last updated: As a business owner, receiving refund requests can be frustrating and stressful. But do you have to honour refund requests? Do you even need to offer a refund in the first place? What are you legally obligated to do in Australia? As usual, with so many issues related to the law, the answer … Read more

Pros and Cons of Creative Commons Licences?

pros cons creative commons licences

Last updated: Every creative work has automatic Copyright protection from the moment it is actually ‘created’. Nobody can use, share, copy or alter the work without the creator’s express permission. The one exception is ‘fair use’ – where a portion of the work may be quoted, for example, when being critiqued, commented on or parodied. … Read more

Are Website Owners Responsible for User-Generated Content?

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Last updated: Are websites responsible for user-generated content? Yes, as a website owner, you are liable for what people post on your website, which is also known as “user-generated content”. By letting your website visitors post images, content, comments or contribute to your website, you may open yourself up to claims or headaches from issues … Read more

Does My Business Comply With Australian Consumer Law?

website australian consumer law

Last updated: The law is constantly changing, trying to keep up with the ever-changing purchasing habits and environment of consumers. More and more business is being conducted online, and anyone selling goods and services to the Australian public must ensure they are aware of and up-to-date with the latest requirements. The consumer rights listed below … Read more

Disclaimer or Terms & Conditions: Which Is Better?

disclaimer or terms and conditions

Last updated: From a risk management perspective, it is essential that all websites include a Disclaimer on their site. A Website Disclaimer aims to protect a website owner from foreseeable and unforeseeable claims that a website user claims to suffer due to their reliance on the information on the site. Although most website owners will … Read more

Can a Power of Attorney Be Used to Buy a Car?

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Last updated: A Power of Attorney form can be used to grant a person permission to act on your behalf and can be as broad or as narrow as you wish. For example, it can grant the power to buy a car, a house or anything that a person wishes to purchase in their name. … Read more

Do I Need an Email Disclaimer? Will an Email Disclaimer Protect Me?

protect private emails

Last updated: The invention of email revolutionized how we communicate, but it also raised concerns about privacy and liability. You might be wondering: do I need an Email Disclaimer, and can it truly protect me? In this short article, we explain the reasons for using Email Disclaimers in corporate communication and how they can help … Read more

Do I Need a Website Disclaimer For My Website?

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Last updated: Disclaimer seems to be the ‘catch-all’ phrase used these days to cover any number of legal notices, contracts or agreements. We are often asked to write a customized ‘Disclaimer’ when, in fact, the client really wants Website Terms & Conditions or a Limitation of Liability clause. But ‘Disclaimer’ sounds legalese, and that’s the … Read more

Can an Executor Be a Beneficiary In a Will?

executor beneficiary in my will

Last updated: Here at Legal123, we’ve written an extremely easy-to-use Australian Will Kit. It includes online video instructions that take you step-by-step through the Will template. However, the most frequently asked question we get from clients is: “Can an Executor be a Beneficiary in a Will?” Well, here’s the answer. Can an Executor be a … Read more

Non-Disclosure Agreement vs Confidentiality Agreement

confidentiality non disclosure agreements

Last updated: What is the difference between a Confidentiality Agreement and a Non-Disclosure Agreement? A Confidentiality Agreement (or Confidential Disclosure Agreement, CDA) and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (or NDA) are essentially the same. Both are trying to protect private or confidential information from becoming public or more widely known. The terms (and the agreements) are interchangeable, … Read more

What Is a Service Level Agreement?

what is a service level agreement

Last updated: A Service Level Agreement (or SLA) is a contract between 2 parties, where the level of service to be provided is clearly defined to ensure both parties have a common understanding of the final outcome. A Service Level Agreement is for the benefit of both the service provider and the customer. It is … Read more