How It Works & FAQs

Our online legal templates are quick & easy

Here’s an example – the Website Legal Package – all you do is:

  • Fill in 7 basic pieces of information about your online business.
  • Select one of the 13 business models that match yours.
  • Copy/paste the automatically generated legal text into your website editor (or email them to your website designer)

And that’s it – your Privacy Policy, Website Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions are done. Literally in less than 5 minutes!

All our templates & packages include

  • Online video instructions – We guide you step-by-step through filling in each template. It’s like having a lawyer sitting beside you telling you exactly what to do.
  • Telephone support – We’ve made the templates “Easy as 1-2-3” but if you get stuck or have a question we’re here to help. Send us an email or give us a call.
  • Written instructions – In case the online video format is not convenient for you, the instructions also come in written format as a downloadable PDF.
  • Updates by email – We don’t overwhelm you with emails, but when the law changes and the template you’ve purchased is updated we let you know. So you’re always up-to-date.
  • Peace of mind – That your template is up-to-date, complies with Australian legislation and is written by a team of qualified Australian lawyers.
  • Extra online videos – We always include a “walk-through” video explaining each clause and any technical terms. Plus FAQs and what to do next (e.g. exchanging, lodging, etc.).

FAQs about Buying

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express).

How secure is the payment process?

Ordering online is very safe. Credit card payments are processed by Stripe; PayPal payments are processed by PayPal. Both are industry leaders and use the latest encryption technology to protect customer data. Your credit card details are never revealed to Legal123.

Are the templates tax deductible?

Yes. If you purchase a template for use in your business, the price paid is tax deductible.

Can I claim back the GST?

Yes. The price includes GST and you can claim this against GST you owe the ATO if you are a business registered for GST. Your purchase receipt email and PDF invoice are ATO tax-compliant for GST purposes and include our ABN.

My accountant wants a PDF invoice?

Your email receipt will include a link to a PDF version of the invoice when you purchase. This is an ATO tax-compliant invoice for GST purposes and includes our ABN. You can also log in to Your Account page anytime to download PDF invoices for any purchases you have made.

Is the payment a one-off or recurring fee?

All payments are one-off. There are no recurring or monthly payments for any of our templates or services.

Will I get the template and DVD in the post?

No. All our templates and instruction videos are delivered electronically. Once you purchase, you are immediately sent to a web page to access your online template and video instructions. You’ll also be sent an email with a link to this online template so you can come back at any time in the future.

FAQs about Legal123

Are you qualified lawyers?

Yes. We’re Australian qualified lawyers registered with the Law Society of NSW, with many years of experience between us. Our firm, Legal123 Pty Ltd, is an Australian Incorporated Legal Practice, registered with ASIC and regulated by the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner.

Are you based in Australia?

Yes. Our headquarters are in Sydney and we have a team of qualified lawyers around Australia to cover the other States.

Will your legal documents hold up in a court of law?

Yes, absolutely! We’re Australian-qualified lawyers with many years of experience and all our legal templates and agreements are 100% compliant with Australian law.

How can I contact you?

Three easy ways. One, email us at or use the contact form. Two, call us in Sydney on (02) 8003 7317. Three, book a 30-minute call if you need legal advice or want to discuss your online business.

FAQs about our Templates

How long will it take to receive my template?

Literally seconds. Once payment is confirmed you are immediately sent to a web page to access your online template and video instructions. You’ll also be sent an email with a link to this online template, so you can come back at any time in the future. Very occasionally the email is delayed by a couple of minutes or ends up in your spam folder (because of aggressive email filters).

How long does it take to fill out a template?

Depending on the template, between 2 and 15 minutes. For example, the Website Legal Package has only 6 inputs and creates a Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions – it literally takes 2 minutes. Our Australian Will Kit will take you longer. But as long as you’ve decided how to split your assets, it only takes about 15 minutes to complete – quicker than finding and booking an appointment with a lawyer!

How long do I have access to the template?

The links to the online legal templates and video instructions are permanent. So you can come back any time to re-use a template or re-watch the video instructions. The only exception is the Website Legal Package, which is “single-use” and can only be used on one website.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes. We are always happy to help by telephone or email. That’s one of the things that makes Legal123 different. Just call us on (02) 8003 7317 or use our contact form if you have a technical question or issue.

Can I edit, delete or add to the legal clauses?

Yes, but we do not encourage this as we cannot warrant that the changes you make are legally binding or enforceable. Our legal templates have been refined over a number of years, are comprehensive and cover most business situations. If you choose to change them you do so at your own risk.

Some of our templates include Word and Google Docs versions that you can edit. Other templates generate PDF documents that you can edit by copying the text to either Word or Google Docs (unfortunately the formatting will need to be corrected i.e. numbering, margins and bolding).

Alternatively, we are happy to customise one of our templates to your specific business needs. Use our contact form to request a quote.

Can I get my client to e-sign our agreement?

Yes. Our PDF agreements work with all the major e-signature services. We recommend the Adobe Acrobat Sign service as it is built into Adobe Acrobat Standard & Pro. You can find instructions on using Adobe Acrobat Sign here.

What is your update policy?

Customers are notified by email when there is a major change to the legislation and a template has been updated. These updates are provided free.

FAQs about our Legal Services

Do you offer custom legal agreements?

Yes. We are happy to draft custom legal agreements or tailor one of our templates to your specific business needs. Use our contact form to tell us what you need and request a quote.

How long do custom legal agreements take?

Quotes for custom legal agreements are usually provided within 48 hours. Then once we have received payment, we need 5-7 business days to draft your custom legal agreements. However, these timings might change if your requirements are particularly complex.

Will you be my lawyer?

Yes. We offer legal services based on an hourly rate. Use our contact form to get in touch and tell us how we can help you.

money back guaranteeWe offer a full money back guarantee if our templates are not suitable for your circumstances or a technical difficulty prevents you from using them. If you have questions about buying online, check out How it Works and FAQs.