Australian Codicil Form

• DIY and save the cost of a solicitor
• Full ‘How To’ step-by-step instructions
• Quick and easy online form

The Codicil form was easy to use, exactly what I wanted and very reasonably priced. Thank you Legal123. Roslyn Comyn

Use a Codicil to make minor changes to your Will

A Codicil is a simple legal form to make minor changes or additions to an existing Will, for example:

  • Adding or changing your Beneficiaries
  • Adding or changing your Executors
  • Adding additional donations or gifts

Quick and easy online form

You can literally be done in 5 minutes, just:

  1. Insert the date of your last Will
  2. Specify the change you want to make to your Will
  3. Insert your name and address
  4. Insert the names, addresses and occupations of your 2 witnesses

Online video instructions and telephone support

There’s a short online video with instructions on how to complete the online form. We step you through the form and explain any legal terms used (like “Executor” and “Beneficiary”). Then we explain how to sign your Codicil and where to store it.

And you can always call us if you have any questions.

Is the Codicil package right for me?

I have already written 2 Codicils …
As a general rule you shouldn’t make more than two or three Codicils. If you need to make further changes you should write a completely new Will. This avoids the danger that multiple Codicils could cause confusion about your intentions. 

My address has changed. Do I need a Codicil? …
No, there is no need to make a Codicil or re-write your Will if you change your address. An old address can still be used to identify you and your Will. Don’t hand-write any change of address on your Will – it’s not necessary and it will invalidate your Will!

I want to make major changes to my Will …
Only use a Codicil if you want to make minor changes to your Will. If you have re-thought your Will and want to make major changes, you are much better off writing a new Will and “revoking” (or cancelling) your old Will. 

Can’t I just handwrite changes on my Will? …
No, you should never change your Will by handwriting changes, making notes or striking out any gifts or donations. Never write on your Will – it will invalidate the Will! Use a Codicil to make additions, substitutions, revisions, etc. to your Will.

The Codicil package includes

  • Codicil form – Simple, online form to generate a 1-page Codicil in PDF format. Use this for making minor changes to your Will after it has been signed and witnessed.
  • Online video instructions – To walk you through, step-by-step, how to complete the online form and generate your 1-page Codicil in PDF format.

image of guarantee sealWe offer a full money back guarantee if our templates are not suitable for your circumstances or a technical difficulty prevents you from using them. If you have questions about buying online, check out the FAQs.

Australian Codicil Form

What our customers are saying …

Took much less time than we had anticipated

My wife and I were not looking forward to the ordeal of making our wills but we found your template easy to understand and very straightforward. The PDF instructions were concise and clear, and the whole exercise took much less time than we had anticipated. We feel a weight has been lifted off us. Thank you so much!

Antonio Francis
Exceeded my expectations

The online Australian Will Kit I received from Legal 123 is an excellent product. I wanted a will that was easy to complete, and all the legalities explained in plain English. This product and Legal 123 service has exceeded my expectations.

image of Cesare Ragusa
Cesare Ragusa
Saved me hundreds of dollars

You have saved me hundreds of dollars. I did find it a little confusing at first but help was only a phone call away. Also when I followed the video I had no more problem. I would recommend this for all who need a simple Will made.

Takes just five minutes

Excellent Last Will and Testament download, very easy to fill out, takes just five minutes.

image of Laurie Stephenson
Laurie Stephenson
Really was as easy as 123

I just needed to add something to my will, and searching the internet I came across this company that explained about Codicil, the process was simple once I got the gist of using the template it really was as easy as 123, so thank-you it has saved me some money "Good-Luck" with your business and I may need your services again one day.

Seriously fantastic, highly recommend

I was about to spend big money changing my will as I needed a Codicil to amend it. I found the website legal123, seriously fantastic. I needed to speak with them after downloading the form, service was prompt even though the office had actually shut for the evening! Highly recommend.

Sarah Wilson
Value for money

Much easier than trying to make your own document. Works exactly as Legal123 says it will. Video (even if the voice is American and not Aussie) is clear and precise. Value for money for anyone considering a Codicil.

Susan Griffin
I would recommend this to anyone

The will kit is very good template and there was no problems with the online purchase and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a will kit.

Rob Kiernan

A++ customer service, very fast process, easy to use, great product - Cheers!

Chris & Mara
Saving us having to go to a solicitor

Easy and quick to access form was very convenient, saving us having to go to a solicitor for a small change to our Wills which your Codicil covered. Very good helpful information came with it to assist completion. Thanks.

Maureen Nelson
Very easy to follow

Thank you to Legal123 for being helpful when I was having difficulties to begin with. Once I was all set up it was very easy to follow. I liked the way it was set out.

Sally Cameron
Exactly what I wanted

I only wanted a simple Codicil for my will. The form you supplied was easy to use, exactly what I wanted and very reasonably priced. Thank you Legal123.

Roslyn Comyn
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