Australian Online Will Kit

• DIY and save the cost of a solicitor
• Full ‘How To’ step-by-step instructions
• Quick and easy online form

Found it easy to use. Task completed, thanks. Louis Sullivan
when to use an online will kit

When your circumstances change, write or amend your Will with an online Will kit

Everyone needs to have a Will – and when there’s a major change in your life, it’s a good time to update your Will and make sure it’s current. Remember, a Will helps prevent arguments about your assets and how they are to be divided after you pass away. And costly legal and Executor fees can be avoided by having a Will.

Quick and easy online Will kit in Australia

You can literally be done in 20 minutes, just:

  1. Insert your name, address and occupation
  2. Nominate someone to carry out your wishes (called your “Executor”)
  3. Specify who you want to inherit your assets (called your “Beneficiaries”)
  4. List any special gifts (e.g. charities, close friends, etc.)
  5. Add any special funeral arrangements
the legal123 online will kit is quick and easy to use
online video instructions and telephone support are included

Online video instructions and telephone support

There’s a short online video with instructions on how to complete the online will kit. We step you through the form and explain any legal terms used (like “Executor” and “Beneficiary”). Then we explain how to sign your Will and where to store it.

And you can always call us if you have any questions.

Includes a Codicil form to make small changes to your Will

A simple, 1-page Codicil form is included in the Australian online Will Kit. Use this to make minor changes to your Will. For example:

  • Change your Executor
  • Add a Beneficiary
  • Add a gift, etc.
codicil template is also included

Is the Online Will Kit the best option for me?

My wife and I both need Wills …
Easy. Just use the online form to make your Will. Then refresh the online form and use it again with your wife’s details. These are called “mirror” Wills – where you leave your combined assets to your wife in the event you die first; your wife leaves your combined assets to you in the event she dies first.

I’m getting separated (or divorced) …
Your Will is not automatically revoked by divorce. However, new legislation now means that any references to your former spouse in your Will are automatically revoked. So if you divorce, you will need to amend or write a new Will.

I have a “complex” situation …
Our Will Kit is designed for Australia in straightforward situations. For more complex situations – you own property overseas; you are part owner of a business; you are a Beneficiary of a family trust; you have a “mixed” family with children from former relationships; you have disabled children – we offer a custom Will Writing Service.

I’m getting married (or re-married) …
In most Australian States, your Will is automatically revoked by marriage. So, if you marry, it is more than likely you will need to amend or write a new Will.

The DIY Will Kit for Australia includes

  • Will form – Easy-to-use online Will form that generates your Will in PDF format. Just fill in your details and list your Executors, Beneficiaries and gifts. Then, ensure you follow our guide for signing and witnessing your Will.
  • Children, pets and funeral directions – Includes sections for appointing guardians of minor children, instructions for caring for pets and directions for your funeral and organ donation.
  • Beneficiaries, gifts and donations – The template allows an unlimited number of Beneficiaries, gifts and donations.
  • Executor details – The template allows you to nominate up to three Executors and one Alternate Executor.
  • Codicil form – Simple, online form to generate a 1-page Codicil in PDF format. Use this for making minor changes to your Will after it has been signed and witnessed.
  • Online video instructions – To walk you, step-by-step, through how to complete the online form. It explains each section of your Will and the terms used and helps you understand how to fill it in. These instructions also come in written format.
  • Instructions on what to do next – How to sign your Will, how to have it witnessed correctly, where to store it, what to do next with it, etc.

money back guaranteeWe offer a full money back guarantee if our templates are not suitable for your circumstances or a technical difficulty prevents you from using them. If you have questions about buying online, check out How it Works and FAQs.

Australian Online Will Kit

Custom Will Writing Service

Is your personal situation “complex”? If you own property overseas, are part owner of a business, are a Beneficiary of a family trust, have a “blended” family with children from former relationships, have disabled children, or anticipate potential claims on your estate – we recommend having your Will custom-drafted by a lawyer. Click the button below to learn about our Will Writing Service:

What our clients say …

Really easy to use

We found the online will kit from Legal123 really easy to use. It was so convenient to be able to do the will at home.

S. Rose
Very clearly explained in ordinary English

Very clearly explained in ordinary English so I had no problems completing the forms. Could have been daunting as I am now 81 years old. Thank you. one and all.

Gaynor Choules
Excellent template

Excellent template that did exactly what I needed - an Australian Will to sort out a family issue. Easy to understand and complete. Many thanks.

Eric Lowe
I would certainly recommend to anyone

The will template is simple and straightforward and the accompanying video make it very clear. It is not particularly sophisticated and at $59 + GST you wouldn't expect it to be. However it adequately covers all the essentials and will help to avoid any potential probate issues in the future. I would certainly recommend to anyone who doesn't have a will in place.

Kevin Roche
Much appreciated!

Thank you for helping me with the codicil. Much appreciated!

June Webster
Easy to use

I am happy with the template, easy to use, to save as document and no worrying when I make a miss typo because I can refresh it again. thank you.

Rosa Liauw
Could not be more straight forward

Could not be more straight forward.

I would recommend this company

A very easy and economical on-line process for writing a WILL. Legal123 'IT' department were also very helpful in guiding me through the process. I would recommend this company.

Ken Smallwood
Great service

Great service. Easy way to update my will thank you.

Great way to do your will

Great way to do your will on line and being legal is a cheaper, easier version for the older generation.

Karen Adams
Exactly what I needed

Buying a Will Kit from Legal123 was not just buying a will, it also included really thorough and timely advice from Legal123 in response to questions that I had. The Will Kit itself was great and exactly what I needed.

The kit is very good value for money.

The kit arrived promptly after purchasing. I used it for myself, then my husband used it. Everything was easy and straight forward. Although we only had to fill in one page, the print out of the completed will came out with 5 pages, complete with space for witnesses etc.. We are very satisfied with our purchase. At last, peace of mind! It must also be mentioned that the kit comes with a codicil template for minor changes to our will. Should we have to rewrite our will, for whatever reason, the template is reusable several times, the kit is very good value for money.

Quick and professional

Thanks for the quick and professional document.

Easy to use

Codicil form was easy to use. It would have been useful to know prior that the addresses of the witnesses were required to input in the digital form.

Took much less time than we had anticipated

My wife and I were not looking forward to the ordeal of making our wills but we found your template easy to understand and very straightforward. The PDF instructions were concise and clear, and the whole exercise took much less time than we had anticipated. We feel a weight has been lifted off us. Thank you so much!

Antonio Francis
Great service

Great service.

Arkadi Levitski
Very straight forward

I bought the Codicil form and found the whole experience to be very straight forward (once I was advised the completion of the form was only suited to a computer, not iphone or ipad.) To pay $32 for what was quoted to me for $450 by my solicitor was a real bonus!!

Exceeded my expectations

The online Australian Will Kit I received from Legal 123 is an excellent product. I wanted a will that was easy to complete, and all the legalities explained in plain English. This product and Legal 123 service has exceeded my expectations.

image of cesare ragusa
Cesare Ragusa
Saved me hundreds of dollars

You have saved me hundreds of dollars. I did find it a little confusing at first but help was only a phone call away. Also when I followed the video I had no more problem. I would recommend this for all who need a simple Will made.

Quick, simple

Quick, simple and just what I was looking for - thanks!

Jeannine Lee
Easy to use

Easy to use product but a little expensive for what it was I think. A full hard copy will kit is about the same price. That said, quick and easy to get the codicil done.

John Schryver
Good service

Good service. Docs were appropriate for use I needed.

John Thomas
Easy to use

Easy to use, cost effective, arrived straight away.

Julie Holder
Takes just five minutes

Excellent Last Will and Testament download, very easy to fill out, takes just five minutes.

image of laurie stephenson
Laurie Stephenson
It was good to find your site

It was good to find your site and to avail myself of your service.

Liz Coady
Comprehensive and easy to use

This template is excellent - comprehensive and easy to use. Thank you for your generosity, Legal 123.

Very convenient and amazingly simple

Very easy, I finally got around to organising my will and I found your website, it was very convenient and amazingly simple. I had just one question which was emailed and I received an answer within minutes. Many thanks.

Mark Williams
Really was as easy as 123

I just needed to add something to my will, and searching the internet I came across this company that explained about Codicil, the process was simple once I got the gist of using the template it really was as easy as 123, so thank-you it has saved me some money "Good-Luck" with your business and I may need your services again one day.

Very straightforward

The Codicil form and preliminary explanation were excellent, as were the instructions for number of copies and where to place each one. Made it very straightforward for completing within a tight timeline.

Rosemary H.
Seriously fantastic, highly recommend

I was about to spend big money changing my will as I needed a Codicil to amend it. I found the website legal123, seriously fantastic. I needed to speak with them after downloading the form, service was prompt even though the office had actually shut for the evening! Highly recommend.

Sarah Wilson
Easy to use

I found the form useful and easy to use.

Susan Davis
Value for money

Much easier than trying to make your own document. Works exactly as Legal123 says it will. Video (even if the voice is American and not Aussie) is clear and precise. Value for money for anyone considering a Codicil.

Susan Griffin
Did not really meet my needs

The Codicil did not really meet my needs. I retired from a legal job 18 years ago and wanted to check if the wording for deleting or substituting clauses had changed. I mainly wanted to know how to revoke a guardian and appoint a new one but no information was supplied for the actual wording. I was just told to make sure the previous persons were mentioned as well as the newly appointed persons. I had hoped for some suggested wording for various clause options. I also had trouble leaving the date blank.

Valerie Stieglbauer
Easy to use

Easy to use.

Helen K.
Many thanks for the quality and ease to use

I used your form and explanations to draw a Codicil for a friend. In the end it went easily and the lawyers later on accepted it as a valid legal document. Many thanks for the quality and ease to use of your product.

Alain Bernay
I would recommend this to anyone

The will kit is very good template and there was no problems with the online purchase and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a will kit.

Rob Kiernan
Easy to understand and use

The Codicil information and form was easy to understand and use.

Thank you for a fantastic service

Really liked the template as it is comprehensive and quite easy to use. It's quite handy that we can edit and save the main contents in templates until fully satisfied. Also an excellent response on any query I had. Thank you for a fantastic service.

ram gupta
Ram Gupta
They came back to me within a day

I recommend the Will Kit from Legal123. As someone who has resisted doing his Will (for a very long time) I found the process of working through it at home, in my own time, talking it over with my wife, a really good way to do it. The website was really helpful and when I had a question they came back to me within a day. So now I have a Will, great news for me and my family. Thanks Legal123.

david h.
David H.

A++ customer service, very fast process, easy to use, great product - Cheers!

Chris & Mara
Saving us having to go to a solicitor

Easy and quick to access form was very convenient, saving us having to go to a solicitor for a small change to our Wills which your Codicil covered. Very good helpful information came with it to assist completion. Thanks.

Maureen Nelson
Very pleased

Very pleased with my purchase, easy to use and easy to purchase. Many thanks.

Very easy to follow

Thank you to Legal123 for being helpful when I was having difficulties to begin with. Once I was all set up it was very easy to follow. I liked the way it was set out.

Sally Cameron
Easy to use

I found it easy to use. Task completed. Thanks.

Louis Sullivan
Exactly what I wanted

I only wanted a simple Codicil for my will. The form you supplied was easy to use, exactly what I wanted and very reasonably priced. Thank you Legal123.

Roslyn Comyn
Very easy

Found it very easy to use the Codicil Form. Thank you.

Very impressed

The templates were easy to use and comprehensive. I've used both a personal and a professional template now. Very impressed - thanks!

Nicole Walshe

Thank you Legal123. The Codicil forms purchased from you were easy to fill out and met my requirements.

Robert Lambkin
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