Legal Templates for Freelancers and Contractors

If you’re a Freelancer, Independent Contractor or Consultant this legal guide is for you.

Becoming a Freelancer or Independent Contractor has never been easier. The advent of online marketplaces – like Upwork, oDesk and Freelancer – has enabled small operators to advertise to a national, and potentially global, audience. And businesses are increasingly open to short term hiring and engaging Freelancers and Contractors. The opportunities are almost endless.

Legal issues faced by Freelancers and Contractors

But as a Freelancer or Contractor, you face a number of legal issues day-to-day, including:

  • How to offer your services in a professional manner with adequate legal protections
  • Convincing clients that you will keep their information private and confidential
  • Making sure you get paid and collecting any outstanding debts
  • How to hire sub-contractors if you need additional resources
  • Ensuring your Copyrighted work doesn’t get stolen online

How to manage these legal issues

Here at Legal123 we’ve put together a collection of easy-to-use legal templates to help you set up and run your Freelance business and make your job easier. Our templates will ensure you look professional to your customers, help protect you and mitigate downside risks as much as possible. The templates for Freelancers include:

Contractor Agreement – Use this professional template every time you start a new project with a customer, to clarify expectations, timelines and payment schedules as well as limit your liability. There is also a version to hire a sub-contractors as your business grows.

Contractor Agreement Template »

Confidentiality Agreement – Some clients you work with might require you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement to protect their business ideas or information. This package includes 3 templates (quick to full agreement) for different levels of protection.

Confidentiality Agreement »

Letter of Demand – If you run up against customers who don’t pay, you have to go through a prescribed process to lodge a claim in small claims court. Most of the time the Letter of Demand is all that is required to get paid – it’s a good legal “nudge”.

Letter of Demand Template »

App Developer Contract – Use this contract to offer your services as an App developer to your customers or use the contract to hire your own App developer. The package includes a Disclaimer as well as Privacy Policy, specifically written for Apps.

App Developer Contract »

Copyright Infringement Notice – What can you do if your Copyrighted work is copied on a website? You send them a Copyright Infringement Notice and request that they take down your work. This simple online form is all you need.

Copyright Infringement Notice »

Join our Affiliate Program – Earn an affiliate commission whenever you recommend our products to your customers. It’s a great way to round out your services by offering additional “extras” such as Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers and Privacy Policies for their websites, etc.

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