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Vanessa Emilio (BA Hons, LLB) is the Founder and CEO of and Practice Director of Legal123 Pty Ltd. Vanessa is a qualified Australian lawyer with more than 25 years of experience in corporate, banking, trust and online law. She is based in Sydney, Australia.

After starting her career at Freehills, Vanessa worked for a range of Australian and international financial institutions – including Macquarie Bank, Citibank, Trust Company and Bank of New York Mellon – before founding Legal123 in 2009. She believed there was a gap in the market: helping online businesses and the general public avoid expensive lawyers and instead access legal documents using online templates.

Legal123 has quickly grown to become one of Australia’s most popular legal websites. The free legal guides and infographics help explain legal concepts to everyday Australians. The legal templates, with their online video instructions and telephone support, are allowing businesses and individuals to access legal agreements and forms at a fraction of the cost of going to a lawyer. And now, with a team of seasoned Australian lawyers, Legal123 offers custom legal work for clients who need specialist legal advice.

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Vanessa spends a great deal of time trying to get the message out – legal does not have to mean complicated. She writes articles and gives interviews about online business, answering common legal questions and encouraging Australians to “take control of their legal life”. You can find her articles, interviews and social media channels here:

And you can always contact Vanessa by telephone at (02) 8003 7317 or by email at