Adobe Reader: How to Add Your Logo to a PDF Document

In the new version of Adobe Reader (called ‘Adobe Reader DC’) it is now possible to add your company logo to a PDF document. The steps to do this are demonstrated in the video above.

The steps followed in the video are detailed here:

  1. Open an image file of your logo (jpg, png or gif) in an image editor
  2. Export the logo image and save it as a PDF file
  3. Open the PDF document that you wish to add your logo to in Adobe Reader DC
  4. Click the ‘Tools’ link in the top navigation
  5. Scroll down and click the ‘Stamp’ icon
  6. Click the ‘Custom Stamps’ drop down menu and select ‘Create…’
  7. Browse to and select the PDF version of your logo and click OK
  8. Add a category name (e.g. Logos) and a name for your stamp (e.g. MyLogo) and click OK
  9. Click the ‘Stamp’ drop down menu, select the ‘Logos’ category and then select your logo
  10. Drag your logo to where you want it on the PDF document (above the document title or in the corners) and re-size it by dragging any corner of the logo
  11. Lastly, save the PDF before printing, signing or emailing it

We have also found that if you only want to add your logo once, it is not necessary to convert it to a PDF and add to the stamp library. Instead, you can just copy your logo image (jpg, png or gif) and use the ‘Add stamp’ tool and ‘Paste clipboard image as stamp tool’ in your PDF.

We hope you found these instructions on how to add your logo to a PDF document helpful.