Legal Document Templates for Australian Businesses & Individuals

Essential Legal Document Templates for Australian Businesses

image of legal document template website legal package

The Website Legal Package is essential for protecting your online business by ensuring compliance with Australian consumer laws. It includes a Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms & Conditions, all tailored to various business types, which provide clear terms for your customers and limit your legal liability.

image of legal document template website privacy policy template

Website Privacy Policy Template

The Website Privacy Policy Template is critical for all Australian websites as it ensures compliance with Australia’s strict privacy laws. Your website is required to have a clear statement on how you collect, use, and store customer information in your business.

image of legal document template gdpr privacy policy template

GDPR Privacy Policy Template

The GDPR Privacy Policy Template is necessary if you market to UK or EU residents, as it ensures compliance with stringent European GDPR regulations. These clauses protect personal data by clearly stating how it is collected, used, and stored, which is mandatory under GDPR law.

image of legal document template contractor agreement template

Contractor Agreement Template

The Contractor Agreement Template ensures a clear understanding between employers and contractors, with essential clauses like confidentiality and intellectual property rights. It establishes a formal business relationship and reduces the risk and costs associated with the ATO classifying a contractor as an employee.

image of legal document template employment contract template

Employment Contract Template

The Employment Contract Template protects employers and employees with essential clauses like job responsibilities, compensation, and termination conditions. It establishes a formal employment relationship and helps prevent disputes by clearly outlining each party’s rights and obligations.

image of legal document template confidentiality agreement template

Confidentiality Agreement Template

The Confidentiality Agreement Template protects sensitive information when dealing with investors, contractors, suppliers, and advisors, reducing the risk of intellectual property theft and unauthorized disclosures. It includes essential clauses like IP ownership, confidentiality survival, and notification obligations.

image of legal document template legal disclaimer templates

The Legal Disclaimer Templates protect your business by limiting liability from potential legal claims. The disclaimers clearly inform customers of any risks associated with your products or services, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and protect your content from being copied or misused.

image of legal document template letter of demand template

Letter of Demand Template

The Letter of Demand Template is essential for quickly and effectively requesting debtor payment. It ensures you can recover money owed without the high costs of debt collection agencies or legal fees. Using a professional, legally sound document increases your chances of getting paid promptly.

image of legal document template copyright infringement notice template

The Copyright Infringement Notice Template is critical for protecting your work from unauthorized use online, whether you’re a photographer, musician, writer, or designer. It allows you to quickly and effectively demand the removal of your work from infringing websites and seek compensation.

image of legal document template shareholder agreement template

Shareholder Agreement Template

The Shareholder Agreement Template clearly defines shareholders’ rights and obligations, ensuring smooth business operations and preventing disputes. It covers essential aspects such as share distribution, decision-making processes, conflict resolution and provisions for handling a shareholder’s death or retirement.

image of legal document template app legal package

The App Legal Package provides all the necessary legal documents to launch your mobile app, including a Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and an End User Licence Agreement (EULA). These documents ensure compliance with legal requirements, protect your intellectual property, and set clear terms for your app users, reducing the risk of legal issues.

image of legal document template workplace policies templates

Workplace Policy Templates

The Workplace Policy Templates are essential for formalizing safety, compliance and professional standards in your business. Workplace policies cover key areas like conduct, equality, health and safety, and technology use, providing clear expectations and promoting a fair and safe work environment.

Useful Legal Document Templates for Australian Individuals

image of legal document template australian online will kit

Australian Online Will Kit

The Online Will Kit is a legal document template that simplifies the process of creating a legally binding Will. This user-friendly template guides you through the steps to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes, minimizing the risk of disputes and providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

image of legal document template australian codicil template

Australian Codicil Template

The Codicil Template is a convenient way of amending your existing Will without creating a new one entirely. Use the template to change your Executors, beneficiaries, or asset distribution. This template is designed to comply with Australian laws and regulations, ensuring your changes are legally binding.

image of legal document template power of attorney form

Power of Attorney Form

The Power of Attorney Form is an essential legal document template that grants someone you trust the authority to make decisions on your behalf in Australia. This template allows you to appoint an Attorney to manage your financial, legal, and personal matters, providing you with peace of mind in the event of incapacity or absence.

image of legal document template enduring power of attorney form

Enduring Power of Attorney Form (NSW)

The Enduring Power of Attorney is a vital legal document if you lose mental capacity due to illness or injury. The template enables you to appoint a trusted individual to make important decisions on your behalf and manage your financial, legal, and personal matters, ensuring that your affairs are handled according to your wishes and best interests.

image of legal document template holiday rental agreement template

Holiday Rental Agreement Template

The Holiday Rental Agreement Template is designed to protect the interests of Australian property owners who rent out their property for short-term holiday accommodation. Use the template to set the terms and conditions of the rental, including payment schedules, house rules, and the responsibilities of both the owner and the guest.

It is now easier and more affordable than ever for businesses and individuals to create their own legal agreements and notices. The legal document templates offered by online law firms, like Legal123, have made it much easier for individuals and businesses to create legally compliant agreements, contracts, notices and other documents without hiring a lawyer to draft everything from scratch. This can save significant time and money.

But it’s also important to keep a few caveats in mind.

  • You need to be careful about downloading legal templates from trustworthy sources. Free, low-quality, overseas or outdated templates from questionable websites could lead to legal issues down the road.
  • Legal document templates must still be filled out correctly to be legally valid. Mistakes or omissions could compromise the document’s enforceability. So accurate and easy-to-follow instructions are important.
  • For highly complex, sensitive or high-stakes legal matters, it’s generally best to work directly with a qualified lawyer to ensure you get the right legal advice and your documents are tailored to your specific situation.

Legal document templates are perfect for these situations

Using legal document templates can be an efficient and cost-effective way to handle various legal matters. They are especially well-suited for relatively straightforward, common, and low-risk situations. Here are some specific instances where using legal templates can be particularly beneficial:

  • Privacy Policies, Disclaimers and Terms & Conditions for your website
  • Contractor Agreements for hiring freelancers and consultants
  • Employment Contracts for hiring standard roles
  • Confidentiality Agreements (or NDAs) with suppliers, contractors and potential investors
  • Letters of Demand for recovering bad debts and money owed
  • Copyright Infringement Notices if your work has been copied or stolen online
  • Property Lease Agreements for simple commercial spaces
  • Shareholder Agreements for startup businesses, etc.

And for Australian individuals:

  • Basic Wills for individuals with uncomplicated estates
  • Codicils for amending an existing Will
  • Power of Attorney Forms for managing your affairs
  • Enduring Power of Attorney Forms in case you lose mental capacity
  • Holiday Rental Agreements for short-term property rental
  • Loan Agreements for personal loans between friends or family, etc.

Online legal templates offer a number of benefits

Online legal templates offer a number of advantages over traditional services offered by lawyers:

  • Cost-effective: Online templates are more cost-effective than hiring a lawyer to draft your custom legal documents.
  • Time-saving: Online legal document templates are quick and easy to use, saving you time that would have been spent researching and writing your own custom documents.
  • Convenient: Online legal templates can be accessed and downloaded anytime, saving you the hassle of printing, scanning, and mailing documents.
  • Up-to-date: Online legal templates from high-quality online law firms are updated when Australian laws and regulations change, ensuring your documents are always enforceable.
  • Customisable: Legal templates allow you to tailor the document to fit your specific needs.
  • Reusable: Once purchased, online legal templates can be used multiple times for similar situations, providing ongoing value.
  • Peace of mind: While a legal template might not perfectly fit your situation, having a standard, legally compliant document is often better than having no legal document at all.

While online legal templates offer numerous benefits, it’s important to recognise that they may not be suitable for every situation. Templates are designed to cover common scenarios and may not address your unique circumstances or specific requirements.

Contact us for guidance or legal advice if you’re unsure whether a template suits your needs.

How to choose the right legal document template provider

When looking for legal document templates, you’ll come across various types of providers, including:

  • Legal Publishers: These companies specialise in distributing legal content, such as legal templates, but they’re not qualified lawyers and have only hired a law firm to write their templates.
  • Business Software Platforms: Popular office software suites, such as Microsoft Office or Google Workspace, often include a collection of legal document templates. They are usually generic and not tailored to specific jurisdictions, like Australia.
  • Legal Software Platforms: These legal practice management platforms are for small- to medium-sized law firms and often include access to a library of legal templates. However, the templates are designed for lawyers and don’t come with instructions.
  • Industry Associations: Some associations, such as Fitness Australia for Personal Trainers, provide legal document templates to their members. However, the documents are not guaranteed to be up-to-date or fit your particular circumstances.
  • Government Agencies: Some government agencies, such as, provide some common legal document templates for free. Again, the templates are not guaranteed to be up-to-date or fit your particular circumstances.
  • Law Firms: Some law firms offer legal document templates as a service to clients or to attract potential clients. These templates are often created by the firm’s lawyers and may be specific to their areas of expertise.
  • Online Legal Template Websites: These websites, like Legal123, offer a wide range of legal document templates. They try to provide a user-friendly interface for customizing and downloading the templates and instructions.

Consider these 10 criteria when choosing the right legal document template provider for you:

  1. Drafted by Australian Lawyers: Ensure templates are drafted and updated by qualified Australian lawyers.
  2. Clear Instructions: Choose a template provider that promotes easy use and clear instructions.
  3. Plain English: Avoid complex legal jargon and choose templates written in plain, straightforward language.
  4. Regular Updates: Check the templates are regularly updated to changes in Australian laws and regulations.
  5. Email & Telephone Support: Check that you can get help if you have a legal question or get stuck.
  6. Positive Reviews: Look for providers with a proven track record and numerous positive user reviews.
  7. Track Record: Choose an established provider with deep legal experience.
  8. Legal Guides: Check there are resources to help you understand and use their templates effectively.
  9. Review Service: Consider providers that offer a lawyer review service for an additional fee.
  10. Professional Standards Scheme: Every State in Australia has a Law Society that monitors law firms to ensure they meet the industry’s professional standards.

A warning about using “free” legal document templates

While it may be tempting to use free legal document templates found online, there are 3 potential risks to consider:

  • Questionable Quality: Free templates may be outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete, lacking important clauses or provisions specific to your jurisdiction or situation.
  • No Guidance or Support: Free template providers don’t offer customer support or legal advice, so you are left to interpret and apply the template correctly on your own.
  • Legal Consequences: Using a free template that is not tailored to your needs or fails to comply with relevant laws and regulations could lead to legal issues or disputes down the road.
warning icon

Case Study: Dangers of using “free” US Terms & Conditions

Sarah, a Melbourne-based e-commerce entrepreneur, used a free Terms & Conditions template from a US website for her online store. When a US customer sued her for a damaged product, Sarah discovered the template subjected her to California law and jurisdiction.

She had to hire a US lawyer to defend herself, incurring significant expenses and taking time away from her business. Sarah learned the hard way. Always ensure that an experienced Australian lawyer drafts or reviews your legal documents to protect your business from unnecessary legal risks and expenses.

Don’t take the risk of using a free legal document template. We’ve seen too many clients come to us after using a free template, only to find out that it didn’t provide the legal protection they needed. In some cases, the free template even made the situation worse.

FAQs: Using Australian Legal Document Templates

Are legal document templates legally binding in Australia?

Yes. Legal document templates can be legally binding in Australia, provided they are properly drafted, customized to your specific needs, kept up-to-date and correctly executed (or signed). Using reliable sources for legal document templates, such as Legal123, can help ensure that your documents are legally sound and enforceable in Australia.

Are online legal document templates as reliable as hiring a lawyer?

Online legal document templates can be a convenient and cost-effective solution for many Australian businesses, particularly for straightforward and low-risk situations. However, they may not always be as reliable as hiring a lawyer, especially in complex or high-stakes scenarios.

While online legal document templates can provide some legal protection, hiring a lawyer can offer greater peace of mind. You can know that your legal matters are being handled by a qualified professional who understands your specific needs.

How can I customise legal document templates to suit my needs?

Customizing legal document templates to suit your Australian business needs is essential to ensure that the documents accurately reflect your specific circumstances and provide the necessary legal protection. Here are some steps you can follow to customize legal document templates:

  1. Fill in your business details: Replace all placeholders in the template with your business’s specific information, such as your company name, website URL, ABN, contact details, and other relevant information.
  2. Add details to the agreement Schedule: Most business agreement templates consist of a list of standard terms and then a Schedule of specific details. Ensure you add enough detail to the Schedule to accurately reflect your specific situation, including dates, financial terms, project deliverables, confidential information, and any special conditions or requirements pertinent to your agreement.
  3. Use clear and precise language: When customizing your legal document template, be specific and detailed in your descriptions. Avoid ambiguity or vague terms that could lead to misinterpretation or disputes.
  4. Avoid modifying clauses: Most legal document templates have been developed over many years and are designed to ensure legal compliance and fairness; altering them could compromise their integrity and effectiveness.
  5. Seek legal advice: If you’re unsure how to customize a particular template to your needs or if you have complex business requirements, consider seeking advice from a qualified Australian lawyer.

Can I use an overseas or international legal document template?

While using international legal document templates for your Australian business may be tempting, it’s generally not recommended. Legal requirements, regulations and terminology vary significantly between countries, and using templates designed for other jurisdictions will not provide adequate protection or compliance for your business in Australia.

Can legal documents be signed electronically in Australia?

Yes. Electronic signatures, also known as ‘e-signatures’, have been legally valid in Australia since 1999, when the Electronic Transactions Act was passed. They make the process of signing contracts and agreements faster and easier. We recommend the Adobe Acrobat Sign service, and this video explains how to add an e-signature to an agreement or contract.