Vanessa Emilio Talks About Legal123 on Sky News Business

vanessa emilio talking about legal123 on sky news business

I was thrilled Wednesday evening to be the first person Heidi Armstrong chose to interview on her new TV program “Business Success”.

This was the first time I’d been on TV since I was 18 years old – back then, I was working for the Quebec Government and they needed an English-speaking spokesperson during the Montreal floods. This time was much more fun.

Heidi asked about how Legal123 was breaking the mould and challenging traditional legal services. The Internet is pushing all businesses to rethink the way they operate and how they deliver their products. Legal services are no different in this regard. So 5 years ago, we chose to be at the forefront of this change and I’m proud to say we were the first Australian law firm to offer legal templates along with advice via the Internet.

Heidi also wanted to know, with the growth in online businesses, how business owners could protect themselves. This was the perfect opportunity to talk about our Website Legal Package.

I can’t believe, when you look around the Internet, how many businesses clearly copy their Terms and Conditions from other people’s websites. They leave details in that get them into serious trouble. Someone even copied our Terms and Conditions and left our name,, in their Terms!

Another business didn’t understand what Governing Law or Jurisdiction meant and ended up having to fly to California to defend a dispute in a Californian court for products sold in Australia. And all because they copied their Terms and Conditions from a US website and left in the Californian Jurisdiction clause. That anecdote got a chuckle.

Why do businesses cut corners like this on their website? They would never do the same with their bricks and mortar business. So the Website Legal Package at $199 is a small price to pay to get protection for your online business.

I can honestly say that the interview was exciting and great fun, plus a fantastic opportunity to get the Legal123 story out there. Thank you Heidi for including us in your program and we wish you much success with Sky News Business.