Legal Templates for Online Business

If you’re an Online Business owner – or planning to start one – this legal guide is for you.

On the one hand, the opportunities available to Online Businesses are huge: access to customers worldwide, the potential to sell 24 hours-a-day, a competitive field that is still wide open, etc. On the other hand, running an Online Business is hard work: you’re on the bleeding edge of technology, probably working with minimal capital, trying to keep one step ahead of Google, etc. Exciting but stressful.

Legal issues faced by Online Businesses

In addition to the usual day-to-day issues faced by all businesses, using the Internet extensively in your business brings it’s own set of specific legal challenges. Including:

  • How to hire contractors online, both in Australia and overseas, with confidence
  • How to keep your ideas confidential when talking with potential investors and contractors
  • What to do if you find your work has been copied or stolen online
  • Protecting your business or brand name and making sure it’s not copied
  • Making sure your comply with Australian Consumer Protection and Privacy laws
  • Keeping up with the rapidly changing online legislation and regulations in Australia

How to manage these legal issues

Here at Legal123 we’ve put together a comprehensive set of legal templates that you can use to get on top of these issues (and mitigate downside risks as much as possible). The templates for Online Businesses include:

Website Legal Package – Everything you need, from a legal perspective, for your website: Privacy Policy, Website Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions. In an all-in-one, easy-to-use online template that you can customize for your type of business.

Website Legal Package »

Website Privacy Policy – This is the very minimum that your website needs. Australian legislation now requires all website owners to post a Privacy Policy if you collect visitor or customer information. So get smart and comply with the legislation.

Privacy Policy Template »

Website Contract – If you’re using a graphic designer, website builder, SEO specialist, etc. then you’ll need a Website Contract. This will protect you, your IP and help you agree the work specification, budget and timing.

Website Contract Template »

App Developer Contract – If you’ve got a great idea for a smartphone or iPad App then you’ll need an App Developer Contract when hiring your programmer. This will protect you, your IP and help you agree the specification, budget and timing.

App Developer Contract »

Confidentiality Agreement – Protecting your business ideas is important, whether you’re discussing them with investors, contractors or suppliers. This package includes 3 templates (quick to full agreement) for different levels of protection.

Confidentiality Agreement »

Copyright Infringement Notice – What can you do if your Copyrighted work is copied on a website? You send them a Copyright Infringement Notice and request that they take down your work. This simple online form is all you need.

Copyright Infringement Notice »

Trademark Registration Service – Protecting your business or brand name is one of the most important things you need to do. Unfortunately having a “Pty Ltd” company is not enough – you need to register it as a Trademark with IP Australia.

Trademark Registration Service »

Website Review Service – We also offer a Website Review Service for Legal123 customers to ensure your site has everything you need to be compliant with current Australian regulations. To obtain a quote please use the Contact Form.

Website Review Service »

If you’re a Website Designer, App Coder or Service Provider …

If you’re a service provider to Online Business owners (e.g. graphic designer, website builder, application programmer, SEO consultant, etc.) we can help you in a couple of different ways:

Contractor Agreement – We’ve written a special version of our Contractor Agreement for you. Use it every time you start a new project with a customer, to lock in the details and show you’re a professional operator.

Contractor Agreement Template »

App Developer Contract – We’ve written a special version of our App Developer Contract for App programmers. Use it each time you get a new App project brief, to lock in the App specification and show you’re a professional operator.

App Developer Contract »

Join our Affiliate Program – Earn an affiliate commission whenever you refer your customers to us. You can keep this commission yourself or rebate your customers the amount. Particularly popular with our Website Legal Package.

Affiliate Signup »